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Margaret Thank You Very Much UNCENSORED

In summary, WAME has encouraged journals to develop more robust disclosure and conflict of interest policies and to make them searchable and accessible. To provide supplemental information to editors and authors, WAME has developed a database of potential conflicts of interest. It is available on the WAME web site for review by editors and peer reviewers.

The WAME Board of Directors has continued its support for this function, but WAME is no longer financially supporting the maintenance of the database. Development of open access databases is an important component of WAME’s activities. Emerging open access databases are aggregating lists of potential conflicts of interest from multiple sources and linking these data to articles and, in the future, to authorship statements. In addition, WAME has begun providing additional tools for researchers who find ethical conflicts. These free tools include a searchable and sortable database that catalogs journal policies and the list of all relationships that appear on author disclosures .

WAME has been careful to address specific needs of editors and authors while appropriately balancing this with the obligation to protect the integrity of the peer review process. Some journals have requested lists of potential conflicts of interest. Other journals, such as the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), have requested that authors submit author conflict of interest statements. Disclosure statements and conflict-of-interest analyses of the author’s relationships with pharmaceutical companies, device manufacturers or other interest groups frequently eliminate conflicts that would otherwise exist. d2c66b5586


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