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Cc Force Motion Blur Plugin Free Download


Today, we are going to show you another example of how you can apply motion blur to your video. We'll use a drone because a lot of people do shoot videos with drones and they need to have some way to de-strobe the image or you can add some motion blur to the image to reduce the strobing effect. The way this is done is by using the CC Force Motion Blur plug-in and the CC Force Motion Blur Scene Selector.

The CC Force Motion Blur plug-in allows you to do two things. The first is a motion blur effect. For the motion blur, you have a number of options. You can control the number of samples. If you want to blur at low shutter speeds, you can set that. You can also set the shutter angle. You can also adjust the density to, basically, turn the blur effect up or down.

The second thing that the CC Force Motion Blur plug-in does is that it blends frames together. It requires two frames for that and it can handle this for you with a motion capture device or a camera that has a motion trigger feature.

With the CC Force Motion Blur Scene Selector, you can load the motion blur effect that you want to apply. Then, you can adjust the type and density of the motion blur effect and the shutter features.

To add the motion blur: first, select CC Force Motion Blur, and click. Then, you just select the motion blur that you want to add. Now, you have the ability to alter the settings here to define how the scene is blended.

Open up the Appearances > Effects > Custom Effects (plugin window) menu and drag the plugin into the browser window. Select the free option and click Install Now. The link might be different, depending on your plugin version.

On the other hand, if you want motion blur for your final project on your camera in real time, you'll need to do a little postprocessing to the footage. After Effects supports a bunch of different plugins to do so; and one of them is CC Motion Blur. d2c66b5586


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