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Download The Hp Easy Firmware Upgrade Utility

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Download The Hp Easy Firmware Upgrade Utility

Well now that I know the process, I decided to try that again. It went poorly. For some reason I chose to install on a 1 GB USB stick rather than the DVD. I had it partition as a dynamic disk and the OS installer thought that was fine. When I run the OS installer it asks me if I want to clear out my existing install and use the new one. I say "yes", and it starts to go through the process. But instead of the expected progress bar, it starts updating my HD firmware. At that point I had to kill it. I went back, changed the partition to dynamic RAID and the OS installer finished the install correctly.

It was time to talk to HP to see what was going on. Sure enough, when I contacted HP support, it turns out that if you install Linux on a dynamic RAID, the Smart Array controller on the motherboard will have firmware that does not support flashing. You have to manually enable that feature by holding in a function key and cycling it.

I'm stuck with a machine with bad firmware in a situation where I need the improved features of Linux for my daily work. This is an illustration of why you don't take screenshots before installing Linux. When the system reboots, you don't have the version of the screen saver that you expect to see.

So here I am, using this HP build of Linux, and not being able to get any improvements from the new firmware in the hardware. Is there any point in doing the exercise I can't say for sure that I can't get any benefit, but if there was any, it's certainly less than the frustration of having to use the previous firmware, to say nothing of the hassle of dealing with all the patches and other updates. 3d9ccd7d82


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