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I am having all my unlocking code and everything was going correct but, once i have updated my modem and its dashboard changed. I was using AIRCEL POCKET INTERNET 3G and then it becomes AIRCEL POCKET INTERNET SUPER PRO 3G. now if i use other sim the net donot work. dashboard contains fixed access point. it canot be changed. and everytime i uninstall and again instal the modem its shows the same dashboard software. is the anything possible to change the dashboard to its lower version software. SOFTWARE Ver : FIRMWARE Ver : HARDWARE Ver :CD6ATCPU

Keneth, hello bro,i have a problem unlocking my modem ZTE MF631 IMEI: 359538039421454. I got the unlocking code which is: NCK Code 824754408642. SPCK/SP Code 278878338477.but after inserting the unauthorized sim into the modem and type the NCK code into the space,if i try to click the UNLOCK icon,the icon will not highlight,it will not be click-able until i add more wrong numbers to the 12digits NCK code to make it 16 numbers,thats when the icon will then highlight and be click-able,i dont know if you understand what im sayingpls help me out if you understand,i dont know what to do.this my email, [emailprotected]. ive the Universal Master Code v.04, Huawei Unlocker, Huawei modem code tool, Huawei modem code writer, but i doont think all this could help me. ill be looking forward to hear from you.thanks

i have used your code and it works and unlocks my modem,got the uncorret code. thank you very much for your help really appreciated. I have used all your code and it worked perfect thank you again, i hav also emailed you but you must not be online at present, even though i will be contacting you shortly again about another g device i have so thanks again its all sorted thanks one of the best i found thanks 3d9ccd7d82


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