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Sucking Boobs During Sex [Extra Quality]


You can also incorporate sucking your breasts while your partner is humping. While you suck your boobs while your partner in doing so, you can enjoy the pleasurable sensations caused by the gentle bumping of your breasts against your partner's mons pubis. Sucking and/or humping are great ways to arouse your partner and give them a nice, firm orgasm.

When you use your fingers to guide your partner's penis, be sure not to push it into any sensitive areas. That includes your vagina, because the Area of Scar tissue can be sensitive. In addition, never press your pubic bone against your partner's. This area is part of your womanhood and it’s extra sensitive.

Use a few drops of feminine hygiene or lubricant on "down there" before you have sex. Personal lubricants can help prevent a yeast infection, so be sure to use a proper, non-silicone/non-glycerin-based personal lubricant. Also, wipe up after you've finished, and take a few moments to wash any sexual activity areas (clit, vaginal, anus) with warm water and neutral soap.

Your nipples tend to get aroused when you have sex and they are obviously a favorite erogenous area for a lot of women. By sucking on them while rocking your body, you can give them a few nice orgasms. You can even suck on them while your partner's humping you, but make sure you area comfortable enough to do so (thighs should be together at least half the time, and your partner should be looking right at your nipples).

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