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Sethu 1999 Tamil Movie ((BETTER)) Download

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what we call the millennium cinema changed the indian film industry. the fact that we can recognise the changes without having to look hard for them is due to the quality of movies that are being produced.

for instance, marudhu asal (1997) is about a man who lives a success story and one day comes to know his mother and sister are in trouble. the only possible way he can help his mother is to give up on his ambitions, while settling for his small company- not failing to aid his relatives-solution. another strong movie which conveyed the same message is naadodigal (2003) in telugu. sethu (1999) is not the only one which has ever ended so. a list of such movies- another would be any movie with a similar or related plot- is more in order.

there would be many more such movies that changed our industry. if we go back further, it can be said that the tamil film industry changed with aayirathil oruvan (2007). even though it has a different director and a different lead actor, it goes a lot beyond sethu in terms of its message, and is arguably even a more powerful story. and the fact that it tells a story almost two decades before sethu was made, and it isnt an easy-to-recognise aspect of its story, only shows how much the film industry has changed. this is only a few of the movies which have shifted our culture, and changed our language.

sethu told us that even if you reach a certain level of success, and your plans change, the basic tenet which has helped you rise to the top- only be happy, has to be remembered. and if you fall, keep falling. because falling, in itself, also has its own moments of joy. 3d9ccd7d82


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