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Blue Bloods 11x13

Blue Bloods 11x13 --->>>

Dean and the qareen begin their fight, while upstairs, Sonja starts casting a spell on Sam, effectively force-choking him so he can't breath. The qareen chases Dean around the basement, punching her hand through all sorts of surfaces while Dean narrowly avoids her fist. Melissa bursts in the door upstairs and distracts Sonja long enough that her spell on Sam is broken and he can lunge for his gun. Melissa tells Sonja to stop, while Sam shoots her with his witch-killing bullets. Meanwhile, the qareen has cornered Dean in the basement. She is about to punch her fist through his chest when Sam stabs the heart with his knife. Her fist stops just short of Dean's chest, and she screams while she bursts into a ball of blue fire and then zips into nothingness. Sam comes down, asking if Dean's okay. Dean says he's fine and leaves, while Sam surveys all the holes in the wall. 59ce067264


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