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I have a son who sings very well, however he is a man of few talents. Am I crazy to think I know what he should study to be a real pianist He is 5 years old now and he knows the basic song of Do my homework for me. I am planning to send him to a music school in three years time and we will discuss it over that. Am I crazyAm I crazy Yes, making music is like games for children who get a great joy playing with their parents. However, parents are also playing these games and with kind of the feeling that music has its own meaning. There are many software that you can buy or download for free, though some software is expensive. Surely, for parents, they want to buy the best ones to teach their child how to play the instruments such as Piano, drums and violin. The list of the software is long, so you have to choose among the most popular software, such as: PianoTutor Pro, TuxPiano, PianoTeachers, Music X-Press, GarageBand, Sonar, Piano Studio, Apples GarageBand, Splice, Music Maker, Hip-Studio and many others. Firstly, if you want him to learn the piano, so you need to install the software PianoTutor Pro. If you have a PC or laptop, it is the most affordable software to learn the piano. You can practice with the proper curriculum. That is the best software for learning the piano. It has the basic features of music software, such as: color and mono. However, it has some advanced features like the background of the piano and the function to record sounds. If you wish to buy this software, you can buy it online and install it on your Windows. Secondly, you can choose TuxPiano, which is a very good software for kids. This software is free, so you can download it and try it for free to teach your child how to play piano. However, it is still not a good software, but it is still the most basic software to learn piano. Thirdly, you can try some software which is not expensive, but expensive enough to teach your child how to play piano. That is the case of Music X-Press. It is a great software that is packed with good features. It has a lot of possibilities of features such as: piano, violin, guitar and other instruments, video song, games, and even the ability to learn your vocals. If you purchase this software, you can also update it whenever you want, even without the internet. However, this software is not the perfect one for learning piano, since the interface is difficult to use. Last but not least, you must decide which one is the best software for teaching your child how to play the violin. That is because the first three software are limited for piano, while it is general enough for other instruments. Sonar is one of the best software for guitar and violin, in addition to piano. That is the best software in the list of free software for learning piano. It has a great tutorial teaching that can help you to learn the guitar, violin, even the drums and even the trumpet. But, are you still crazy to teach your child how to play piano Read more at this


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