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Les Mills: Body Combat 35 Master Class

Les Mills: Body Combat 35 Master Class ->->->->

Hips (Born to Die): We start in Hindi squat and stay there for ages. Then a wide legged seated forward bend which you can really take your time getting deeper with each exhalation. One lady in my class can get her whole chest and torso on the floor with her legs at right angles. Perhaps if we all did this track for the next 30 years we would get there too. I love the extended quad stretch where your reach out with the front arm and lower your head and body towards the floor. Keep holding that foot if your can. The stretch is exquisite.

Cardio Fuse blends elements of aerobics, kickboxing, plyometrics, and resistance training, and core work for a full body workout. Using a mini loop band, you will ignite the arms with the legs in toning tracks and spike your heart rate in the cardio tracks. Fuse Finishers will work the core and the legs one last time to end each class. The music will push you to new limits in Fuse!

This class is designed to effectively strengthen, tone, and balance the entire body. It is a low impact, moderate intensity workout with several sequences of toning and resistance exercises which utilize small, intricate movements to focus on certain muscle groups. There is an emphasis on the core, arms, seat, and thighs. Each strength section of this workout is followed by a stretching section to create long, lean muscle without bulk while increasing flexibility and range of motion. 153554b96e


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