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Reading this group I often see many posts asking forall sorts of toolboxes. I hope this list will help.BrahimLinks to MATLAB Free ToolboxesKernel Density Estimation Toolbox for MATLAB (R13) ihler/code/MATLAB wavelet coherence package for complex systems -potsdam.deMatlog: Logistics Engineering Matlab Toolbox version 1.0 wichtel/index.htmlMATLAB Kriging Toolbox 4.0. Krigeage Toolbox Introduction for Version 3 _v3.htmlToolbox which includes the EM algorithm. A Matlab Toolbox for Exploratory Spatial Analysis HFRC toolbox is designed to import, process and manipulate HF Radardata in a relatively easy and consistent way dmk/software/hfrc/hfrc.htmlWFDB library subset for Matlab/Octave Jang Wiegmann / Matlab Movies for Windows (zero sum multinomial) -modeling software for MATLAB/Windows _Akeroyd/download2.htmlBOOTSTRAP MATLAB TOOLBOX _toolbox.htmlThe DSS package for MATLABDSS Matlab package contains algorithms for performing linear, deflationand symmetric DSS. Method Tree with MATLAB olvi/uwmp/msmt.htmlA Matlab Toolbox for every single topic ! baum/toolboxes.htmleg. BrainStorm - MEG and EEG data visualization and processingCLAWPACK is a software package designed to compute numerical solutionsto hyperbolic partial differential equations using a wave propagationapproach claw/DIPimage - Image Processing ToolboxPRTools - Pattern Recognition Toolbox (+ Neural Networks)NetLab - Neural Network ToolboxFSTB - Fuzzy Systems ToolboxFusetool - Image Fusion Toolbox - Wavelet ToolboxGat - Genetic Algorithm ToolboxTSTOOL is a MATLAB software package for nonlinear time series analysis.TSTOOL can be used for computing: Time-delay reconstruction, Lyapunovexponents, Fractal dimensions, Mutual information, Surrogate datatests, Nearest neighbor statistics, Return times, Poincare sections,Nonlinear prediction / Data description toolboxA Matlab toolbox for data description, outlier and novelty detectionMarch 26, 2004 - D.M.J. Tax network toolbox for Matlab lieberme/pages/network_matlab.htmlPharmacokinetics toolbox for Matlab SpiderThe spider is intended to be a complete object orientated environmentfor machine learning in Matlab. Aside from easy use of base learningalgorithms, algorithms can be plugged together and can be comparedwith, e.g model selection, statistical tests and visual plots. Thisgives all the power of objects (reusability, plug together, share code)but also all the power of Matlab for machine learning research. -Christoffel Toolbox =1316&objectType=file#XML Toolbox =4278&objectType=fileFIR/TDNN Toolbox for MATLABBeta version of a toolbox for FIR (Finite Impulse Response) and TD(Time Delay) Neural Networks. -comp/dagstuhl.03/oish.pdfMisc. Saturn and Titan trajectories ... MALTAB astronomy abrecht/Matlab-codes/AudioPQevalAudio [options] AFileR AFileT TTSBOX: A MATLAB TOOLBOX FOR TEACHING TEXT-TO-SPEECH SYNTHESIS _tdmc.pdfMA Toolbox for Matlab Implementing Similarity Measures for Audio elias/ma/index.htmlMAD - Matlab Auditory Demonstrations martin/MAD/docs/mad.htmMusic Analysis - Toolbox for Matlab : Feature Extraction from Raw AudioSignals for Content-Based Music Retrieval elias/ma/WarpTB - Matlab Toolbox for Warped DSPBy Aki Härmä and Matti Karjalainen MATLAB-related Software Signal data formats (EEG machine specific file formats withMatlab import routines) Encoding library for MATLAB Movies (Created by David Foti)It enables MATLAB users to read (MPGREAD) or write (MPGWRITE) MPEGmovies. That should help Video Quality project.Octave by Christophe COUVREUR (Generates normalized A-weigthing,C-weighting, octave and one-third-octave digital filters) =file&objectId=69Source Coding MATLAB Toolbox Medical Informatics (Top)NUTMEG: Neurodynamic Utility Toolbox for MEG sarang/nutmeg/CGH-Plotter: MATLAB Toolbox for CGH-data AnalysisCode: -Plotter/Poster: _CGH_Plotter.pdfThe Brain Imaging Software Toolbox MRI Brain Segmentation =4879Chemometrics (providing PCA) (Top)Matlab Molecular Biology & Evolution Toolbox(Toolbox Enables Evolutionary Biologists to Analyze and View DNA andProtein Sequences)James J. Cai Toolbox provided by Prof. Massart research group fabi/publiek/Useful collection of routines from Prof age smilde research group Toolbox written by Rune Mathisen mvartools/index.htmlMatlab code and datasets tnkjtg/chemometrics/dataset.htmlChaos (Top)Chaotic Systems Toolbox =1597&objectType=file#HOSA Toolbox =3013&objectType=fileChemistry (Top)MetMAP - (Metabolical Modeling, Analysis and oPtimization alias Met.M. A. P.) _ing/pag_metmap/index.htmDoseLab - A set of software programs for quantitative comparison ofmeasured and computed radiation dose distributions Overview Matlab: =1139Coding (Top)Code for the estimation of Scaling Exponents darryl/secondorder_code.htmlControl (Top)Control Tutorial for Matlab AnotherCommunications (Top)ADSL Toolbox for MATLAB /backstig/exjobb.htmlChannel Learning Architecture toolbox(This Matlab toolbox is a supplement to the article "HiperLearn: A HighPerformance Learning Architecture") Source Coding MATLAB Toolbox TCP/UDP/IP Toolbox 2.0.4 =345&objectType=fileHome Networking Basis: Transmission Environments and Wired/WirelessProtocolsWalter Y. Chen =new&language=-1MATLAB M-files and Simulink models =3834&objectType=fileEngineering (Top)WAFO. Wave Analysis for Fatigue and Oceanography MatPIV - the Particle Image Velocimetry ( PIV) toolbox for MATLAB jks/matpiv/index.htmlOPNML/MATLAB Facilities _Matlab/Mesh Generation -home.htmlOpenFEM : An Open-Source Finite Element Toolbox CALFEM is an interactive computer program for teaching the finiteelement method (FEM) The Engineering Vibration Toolbox SaGA - Spatial and Geometric Analysis Toolboxby Kirill K. Pankratov glenn/kirill/saga.htmlMexCDF and NetCDF Toolbox For Matlab-5&6 _html/MexCDF/nc4ml5.htmlCUEDSID: Cambridge University System Identification Toolbox Toolbox Carlo (Dr Nando) nando/software.htmlRIOTS - The Most Powerful Optimal Control Problem Solver adam/RIOTS/Data Mining (Top)ARMADA Data Mining Tool version 1.2 Excel (Top)MATLAB xlsheets =4474&objectType=filewrite2excel =4414&objectType=fileFinite Element Modeling (FEM) (Top)IFISS Software PackageIncompressible Flow & Iterative Solver Software Version 2.0 OpenFEM - An Open-Source Finite Element Toolbox NLFET - nonlinear finite element toolbox for MATLAB ( framework forsetting up, solving, and interpreting results for nonlinear static anddynamic finite element analysis.) GetFEM - C++ library for finite element methods elementary computationswith a Matlab interface - FEA package to view results ( contains neat interface toMATLAB) blstmbr/felipe/Finance (Top)A NEW MATLAB-BASED TOOLBOX FOR COMPUTER AIDED DYNAMIC TECHNICAL TRADINGStephanos Papadamou and George StephanidesDepartment of Applied Informatics, University Of Macedonia Economic &Social Sciences, Thessaloniki, Greece _time_articles/dynamic_tech_trade_matlab6.htmPaper: :8089/eps/prog/papers/0201/0201001.pdfCompEcon Toolbox for Matlab pfackler/compecon/toolbox.htmlFuzzyDENFIS from ECOS Toolbox for Matlab _institutes/kedri/books.htmGenetic Algorithms (Top)The Genetic Algorithm Optimization Toolbox (GAOT) for Matlab 5 Genetic Algorithm ToolboxWritten & distributed by Andy Chipperfield (Sheffield University, UK) Manual: gaipp/ga-toolbox/manual.pdfGenetic and Evolutionary Algorithm Toolbox (GEATbx) Evolutionary Algorithms for MATLAB _matlab.htmlGenetic/Evolutionary Algorithms for MATLAB Simulator for Matlab (Beta Version, 4/12/04).Lansel, Steven and Porter, Mason A. [2004].Documentation (5/02/04) _cache/nlin/pdf/0405/0405003.pdfVideoToolbox (C routines for visual psychophysics on Macs by DenisPelli) Paper: toolbox daniel/links/matlab/4DToolbox.htmlImages (Top)WHOI Silhouette DIGITIZER Version 1.0 _prog/WHOI_Silhouette_DIGITIZER.htmEyelink Toolbox Paper: CellStats: Automated statistical analysis of color-stained cell imagesin Matlab SDC Morphology Toolbox for MATLAB (powerful collection of lateststate-of-the-art gray-scale morphological tools that can be applied toimage segmentation, non-linear filtering, pattern recognition and imageanalysis) Image Acquisition Toolbox Halftoning Toolbox for MATLAB bevans/projects/halftoning/toolbox/index.htmlDIPimage - A Scientific Image Processing Toolbox for MATLAB _1.htmlPNM Toolbox pjacklam/matlab/software/pnm/index.htmlAngioQuant: quantification of angiogenesis through image analysis ICA / KICA and KPCA (Top)BSS_ORACLE 1.0 has been released! _oracle/ICA:DTU Toolbox MISEP Linear and Nonlinear ICA Toolbox Independant Component Analysis fbach/kernel-ica/index.htmMatlab: kernel-ica version 1.2KPCA- Please check the software section of kernel machines.Kernel (Top)Statistical Pattern Recognition Toolbox xfrancv/stprtool/MATLABArsenal A MATLAB Wrapper for Classification (Top)MapHMMBOX 1.1 - Matlab toolbox for Hidden Markov Modelling using Max.Aposteriori EMPrerequisites: Matlab 5.0, Netlab. Last Updated: 18 March 2002. parg/software/maphmmbox_1_1.tarHMMBOX 4.1 - Matlab toolbox for Hidden Markov Modelling usingVariational BayesPrerequisites: Matlab 5.0,Netlab. Last Updated: 15 February 2002.. parg/software/hmmbox_3_2.tar parg/software/hmmbox_4_1.tarMarkov Decision Process (MDP) Toolbox for MatlabKevin Murphy, 1999 murphyk/Software/MDP/MDP.zipMarkov Decision Process (MDP) Toolbox v1.0 for MATLAB Hidden Markov Model (HMM) Toolbox for Matlab murphyk/Software/HMM/hmm.htmlBayes Net Toolbox for Matlab murphyk/Software/BNT/bnt.htmlMedical (Top)Group ICA of fMRI Toolbox (GIFT) Open Source Matlab Toolbox for Physiological Research (formerlyICA/EEG Matlab toolbox) scott/ica.htmlMATLAB Biomedical Signal Processing Toolbox Powerful package for neurophysiological data analysis ( Igor Kaganwebpage) EEG / MRI Matlab Toolbox Microarray data analysis toolbox (MDAT): for normalization, adjustmentand analysis of gene expression data.Knowlton N, Dozmorov IM, Centola M. Department of Arthritis andImmunology, Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation, Oklahoma City, OK,USA 73104. We introduce a novel Matlab toolbox for microarray dataanalysis. This toolbox uses normalization based upon a normallydistributed background and differential gene expression based on 5statistical measures. The objects in this toolbox are open source andcan be implemented to suit your application. AVAILABILITY: MDAT v1.0 isa Matlab toolbox and requires Matlab to run. MDAT is freely availableat: (Top)MIDI Toolbox version 1.0 (GNU General Public License) Misc. (Top)Using the MATLAB Data AcquisitionToolboxBrian D. Storey _02/ec/reading/Card.pdfMultiple Precision Toolbox for MATLAB =6446MATLAB-The Graphing Tool abrecht/matlab.html3-D Circuits The Circuit Animation Toolbox for MATLAB portegie/matlab/sendmail/Coolplot MPI (Matlab Parallel Interface)Cornell Multitask Toolbox for MATLAB Beolab Toolbox for v6.5Thomas Abrahamsson (Professor, Chalmers University of Technology,Applied Mechanics, Göteborg, Sweden) =1216&objectType=filePARMATLAB =217&objectType=fileNeural Networks (Top)SOM Toolbox Bayes Net Toolbox for Matlab murphyk/Software/BNT/bnt.htmlNetLab Random Neural Networks ahossam/rnnsimv2/ftp: NNSYSID Toolbox (tools for neural network based identification ofnonlinear dynamic systems) Oceanography (Top)FATHOM - free Matlab toolbox for Multivariate Ecological andOceanographic Data AnalysisA collection of functions written by DAVID L. JONES University of Miami- RSMAS.Contents: New Features (29-Oct-2003) Draft User's Manual(22-Mar-2003)DROG2DDT tracks passive particles in a 2-D flow-field defined on a FEMdomain. The integrator is 4th-order Runge-Kutta. _Matlab/drog2ddt.mWAFO. Wave Analysis for Fatigue and Oceanography toolbox for MATLAB (USGS, USA)Presented at the Hydroacoustics Workshop in Tampa and at ADCP's inAction in San Diego SEA-MAT - Matlab Tools for Oceanographic AnalysisA collaborative effort to organize and distribute Matlab tools for theOceanographic Community Toolbox D. GALLAGHER(Associate Professor, Environmental, Coastal & Ocean Sciences) Optimization (Top)Space Mapping Toolbox km/spacemap/spacemap.htmlManual: km/spacemap/manual.pdfMODCONS - a MATLAB Toolbox for Multi-Objective Control System Design Learning Package lazy/SDPT3 version 3.02 -- a MATLAB software forsemidefinite-quadratic-linear programming mattohkc/sdpt3.htmlMinimum Enclosing Balls: Matlab Code SOSTOOLS Sum of Squares Optimization Toolbox for MATLAB User's guide PSOt - a Particle Swarm Optimization Toolbox for use with MatlabBy Brian Birge ... A Particle Swarm Optimization Toolbox (PSOt) for usewith the Matlab scientific programming environment has been developed.PSO isintroduced briefly and then the use of the toolbox is explained withsome examples. A link to downloadable code is provided.PlotGrTheory - Graph Theory Toolbox =4266&objectType=fileMATLAB basic plot utility Signal Processing (Top)Filter Design package :8080/mzeytin/dfp/index.htmlDeconvolution Toolbox Manual: Filter Design with Motorola DSP56K :8080/mzeytin/dfp/index.htmlChange Detection and Adaptive Filtering Toolbox Signal Processing Toolbox ICA:DTU Toolbox -Frequency Toolbox for Matlab - Speech Processing Toolbox Least Squared - Support Vector Machines (LS-SVM) WaveLab802 : the Wavelet ToolboxBy David Donoho, Mark Reynold Duncan, Xiaoming Huo, Ofer Levi Matlab scripts Wavelet Toolbox Home Page wavelets/index.htmlAnotherSupport Vector Machine (Top)SVM and Kernel Methods Matlab Toolbox Support Vector Machine ToolboxDr Gavin CawleySchool of Information Systems, University of East Anglia gcc/svm/toolbox/LS-SVM - SISTA SVM toolboxes LSVM Lagrangian Support Vector Machine Statistics (Top)Statistical Parametric Mapping (SPM) regression -Parametric Toolbox (MPT) A tool (not only) for multi-parametricoptimization. mpt/ARfit: A Matlab package for the estimation of parameters and eigenmodesof multivariate autoregressive models neum/software/arfit/The Dimensional Analysis Toolbox for MATLABHome: Paper: for Matlab -toolbox analysis toolbox (N-way Toolbox - paper) Toolbox for Matlab eladyt/classification/index.htmMatlab toolbox for Robust Calibration Parametric Mapping : A Software Package for Extreme Value Analysis in Matlabby Ramazan Gençay, Faruk Selcuk and Abdurrahman Ulugulyagci, 2001.Manual (pdf file) evim.pdf - Software (zip file) evim.zipTime Series Analysis Net Toolbox for MatlabWritten by Kevin Murphy murphyk/Software/BNT/bnt.htmlOther: : A Matlab package for the estimation of parameters and eigenmodesof multivariate autoregressive models tapio/arfit/M-Fit Analysis Toolbox for Matlab NaN-toolbox: A statistic-toolbox for Octave and Matlab... handles data with and without MISSING VALUES. Methods for Optimization: Matlab Codes ctk/matlab_darts.htmlMultiscale Shape Analysis (MSA) Matlab Toolbox 2000 cesar/projects/multiscale/Multivariate Ecological & Oceanographic Data Analysis (FATHOM)>From David Jones (Generalized Linear Models in MATLAB) 153554b96e


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