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WolfQuest Anniversary Edition PC Game EXCLUSIVE Free Download

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WolfQuest Anniversary Edition PC Game EXCLUSIVE Free Download

it has been about two months since the project was successfully funded and they released the first public build of the game. for those who want to see it in action, you can try out the first build of wolfquest on the wolfquest website.

wolfquest: anniversary edition is developed by a small indie development team who are more than capable of getting the job done. the game is fairly polished, offering a nice blend of realism and adventure. the game has a good level of challenge and is very easy to get into. with a full campaign available, you can continue playing through the story as the wolf from the first game, though you will have to do some tasks along the way.

the gameplay in wolfquest is simple. to survive, you have to hunt and eat food. this is the basis of the gameplay. as you progress through the game, you will have to hunt animals, collect food, hunt down predators and learn to navigate the game world. as you kill animals, you can use their hides to make clothing. when you die, the game will ask you for your password and you will be back at the beginning. you can survive for longer by finding better weapons, hunting better animals, finding better skills and improve your health.

the best part about the game is its graphics. wolfquest has been beautifully remade to look like an authentic recreation of the world of yellowstone national park. the visuals are good, but it seems as though the game could do with more animal models. the game is also completely open-world, allowing you to go wherever you want. its just a shame the world is so big. the graphics are fantastic, but some of the backgrounds are somewhat bland. there isnt a lot of variety in the different environments you encounter. 3d9ccd7d82


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