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In my opinion, the most amazing feature Sony Ericsson provides is the Calendar sync with Google (or any other application). You can set the default day, week and month for whatever Google Calendar you use. It will automatically sync changes to your phone to the selected day, week and month, from where you can easily access and modify your Google Calendar.

Phone is easy to use, you get a simple and straightforward user interface that promotes simplicity without compromising the user experience. Clean lines and intuitive buttons simplify navigation.

Sony Ericsson apps are powerful and simple to use. While the number of apps pre-installed may seem low, Sony Ericsson makes it simple to add or access any number of apps, be it using their software store or starting to use third-party apps via the web.

Phone is suitable for the most demanding settings. Double tap the home button to access quick settings and to access the phone's settings. You can also access quick settings from the lockscreen with no extra steps. d2c66b5586


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