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Your tips on bike maintenance are excellent, especially the piece about how to put a band-aid on a bike. Given that I am a conscious owner and a club member, it is good that I do my own maintenance on my bikes. It is, however, the experts who do the professional work, including the fitting of brakes. The experts are expensive, but can be good value for money, although a commercial bike shop is almost invariably cheaper for the material or spare parts.

Experiencing the same reccesion issues. I maintain the brakes on the rear wheels, replating the brake pads and adjusting the alignment to keep the brakes stopping. It's also good idea to check all components of the brake system, e.g. the brake calipers, brake pads, brake cables, rear wheel hubs and tyres.

I have this issue with my bike regularly. I know this is something inside I need to fix - but since it is something I need to regularly do, I am not sure I would enjoy the DIY aspect of fixing this. I had several of these issues when I worked for a bike shop, mostly with people's bikes. It happens almost every time I go out for a ride. It can be annoying but luckily, it doesn't affect me enough to not ride.

Great article. I used to have a bike like that and you have every right to have the same issues as me. I had this issue until I changed the brake pads on the rear wheel and adjusted the brake hose. I don't know why I had the issue to begin with. Anyway, my bike still has a lot of life left in it. d2c66b5586


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