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Install Mysql Using Inno Setup Tasks

Install Mysql Using Inno Setup Tasks >>>>>

Valid only in an [UninstallRun] section. If the same application is installed more than once, "run" entries will be duplicated in the uninstall log file. By assigning a string to RunOnceId, you can ensure that a particular [UninstallRun] entry will only be executed once during uninstallation. For example, if two or more "run" entries in the uninstall log have a RunOnceId setting of "DelService", only the latest entry with a RunOnceId setting of "DelService" will be executed; the rest will be ignored. Note that RunOnceId comparisons are case-sensitive. If you don't assign a string to RunOnceId, the compiler will warn you about this, which can be disabled using MissingRunOnceIdsWarning.

By default dotConnect for MySQL installs all files in "Program Files\Devart\dotConnect\MySQL" folder.The setup program also adds the necessary assemblies to the Global Assembly Cache by default. You can omit adding assemblies to GAC by selecting the Do not install assemblies in the GAC check box on the Additional Tasks installation wizard page.To install only *.dll files needed to run applicationsthat use dotConnect for MySQL, you can select "Minimal" install in the setup program.

System variables that are true or false can be enabled at server startup by naming them, or disabled by using a --skip- prefix. For example, to enable or disable the InnoDB adaptive hash index, you can use --innodb-adaptive-hash-index or --skip-innodb-adaptive-hash-index on the command line, or innodb_adaptive_hash_index or skip_innodb_adaptive_hash_index in an option file.

The file is not created by default. To create it, start mysqld with the --innodb-status-file option. InnoDB removes the file when the server is shut down normally. If an abnormal shutdown occurs, the status file may have to be removed manually.

innodb_api_disable_rowlock is not dynamic. It must be specified on the mysqld command line or entered in the MySQL configuration file. Configuration takes effect when the plugin is installed, which occurs when the MySQL server is started.

Enabling this option permits multiple buffer pool instances when the buffer pool is less than 1GB in size, ignoring the 1GB minimum buffer pool size constraint imposed on innodb_buffer_pool_instances. The innodb_buffer_pool_debug option is only available if debugging support is compiled in using the WITH_DEBUG CMake option.

If the doublewrite buffer is located on a Fusion-io device that supports atomic writes, the doublewrite buffer is automatically disabled and data file writes are performed using Fusion-io atomic writes instead. However, be aware that the innodb_doublewrite setting is global. When the doublewrite buffer is disabled, it is disabled for all data files including those that do not reside on Fusion-io hardware. This feature is only supported on Fusion-io hardware and is only enabled for Fusion-io NVMFS on Linux. To take full advantage of this feature, an innodb_flush_method setting of O_DIRECT is recommended.

By default, setting innodb_fil_make_page_dirty_debug to the ID of a tablespace immediately dirties the first page of the tablespace. If innodb_saved_page_number_debug is set to a non-default value, setting innodb_fil_make_page_dirty_debug dirties the specified page. The innodb_fil_make_page_dirty_debug option is only available if debugging support is compiled in using the WITH_DEBUG CMake option.

Log flushing frequency is controlled by innodb_flush_log_at_timeout, which allows you to set log flushing frequency to N seconds (where N is 1 ... 2700, with a default value of 1). However, any unexpected mysqld process exit can erase up to N seconds of transactions.

The innodb_io_capacity variable defines the number of I/O operations per second (IOPS) available to InnoDB background tasks, such as flushing pages from the buffer pool and merging data from the change buffer.

If flushing activity falls behind, InnoDB can flush more aggressively, at a higher rate of I/O operations per second (IOP


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