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Abstract:Chiral compounds have played an important role in the development of coordination chemistry. Unlike organic chemistry, where mechanistic rules allowed the establishment of absolute configurations for numerous compounds once a single absolute determination had been made, coordination compounds are more complex. This article discusses the development of crystallographic methods and the interplay with coordination chemistry. Most importantly, the development of the Flack parameter is identified as providing a routine method for determining the absolute configuration of coordination compounds.Keywords: crystallography; Flack parameter; chirality; coordination chemistry

The Brazil's Language Games was compiled by the Brazilian Department of Education (MEC) in partnership with BD Consultores. The LANGUAGES project is beautiful and powerful and is designed to educate the public about the organization and content of the online language resources of the MEC. The MEC already has a number of free online language resources, and the LANGUAGES project is designed to supplement these " starter packets ." d2c66b5586


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