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Physeo Embryology Medical Course And Step 1 Review

Physeo Embryology Medical Course And Step 1 Review =====

I used Picmonic for my first medical school course which covered genetics, molecular biology, cell biology and a little bit of metabolism. The lysosomal storage disease videos made learning and memorizing the information much easier and more enjoyable. I am a visual and auditory learner and the Picmonic cartoons and funny narratives really cement the information in my brain.The videos for Biochemistry and Biostat are amazing and saved me time. I definitely recommend using Picmonic during year one of medical school and beyond!

Physeo med school resources are good for STEP 1 studying, but only covers 800+ topics. Supplementing with another visual mnemonic-based study tool is possible (for coverage of all hi-yield topics that will be covered on STEP 1), but you give up the benefit of being able to easily connect related facts across all STEP 1 topics. Also, the lack of consistent story-based characters (between Physeo and other products) may create confusion while studying, and result in lack of efficiency in remembering related facts. Selecting the right tool to study with from your first year in medical school is important to ensure you have a strong foundation for reviewing all STEP 1 topics in your second year.

*BoardVitals USMLE and Shelf Exam Prep [electronic resource]: This resource provides medical students with advanced board preparation and review resources, which include high-yield question banks and practice exams for USMLE and Shelf Exam. The NBME Shelf Exams question banks have been specifically adapted for the Medical School Student Level. They include thousands of multiple-choice questions (MCQ), vignettes, and long-form questions for use during clerkship rotations. For USMLE Step 1, Genetics includes 145 questions. 59ce067264


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