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Access to the Summerhouse is provided by arched doorways, each fitted with wrought-iron gates. Between the doorways are small windows, one of which looks into a small cave-like grotto. In an early nod to environmentalism, the grotto was originally fed with run-off water from fountains further up-hill. Inside the summerhouse, seating for 22 people provides ample area to rest and relax. In the center, a fountain provides a calming atmosphere. The fountain originally provided water for visitors and their horses, but now there are drinking fountains for the same purpose.

Leslie Headrick looked out her kitchen window at the old summerhouse in the back. Now, in early fall, the vines and twisted stems of the old roses nearly covered the building, but in the winter you could see the glassed-in porch well. You could see the peeling paint and the cracked glass in the little round window above the front door. One of the side doors was hanging on one hinge, and Alan said it was a danger to anyone who walked past the place. In fact, Alan said that the whole structure was a danger and should be torn down.

Leslie finished her tea, rinsed out her cup, then looked back at the summerhouse. That was to have been hers. It was to have been her retreat from the world, a place where she could keep up with her dancing, or curl up and read on rainy afternoons.

Bask in the tranquility of your luxurious room, with the convenience of your own villa host and a balcony that overlooks the serene waterways of the resort. Spend your day by the pool, just steps away from your summerhouse, and enjoy complimentary daily sundowners whilst relaxing in the traditional majlis and courtyard. 59ce067264


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