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Regardless of what your needs are, finding the best Telecaster for you will be a lot of fun. The Tele is one of the world's most iconic electric guitars and, as such, there's a huge choice within the range. The Fender Telecaster was the very first mass-produced solid-body electric guitar and has a widespread appeal that is only rivaled by a few other guitars.

The Fender Tele has graced recordings from rock 'n' roll trailblazers including Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones, right the way through to Danny Gatton and James Burton. Few other guitars have become so deeply ingrained in music history. Even modern guitar masters like Slipknot and Radiohead are riding the Tele train. What this means is that you'll be in good company if you decide to invest in one of the best Telecasters in this guide.

A 6-saddle bridge allows for greater adjustment to individual string action, which a lot of players prefer as it can give you a better playing experience. They usually come with longer intonation screws as well, giving you more flexibility to ensure your guitar is in tune all across the fretboard. For a lot of players, the 6-saddle bridge sounds too smooth to be a true Telecaster. They also believe it robs the instrument of some of its sustain.

Don't assume that the Squier Affinity Telecaster's bargain basement price means you're missing out on great tone. This guitar follows the classic Fender blueprint and, as any Tele freak will tell you, often it's the cheapest examples that can surprise you with great tone and feel - and is one of the best Squier guitars around.

A slim C profile neck makes this guitar even easier to love. We also appreciate the vintage feel of the 21 narrow tall frets and a proper gloss urethane finish. All in all, this is just about the coolest looking budget guitar you'll find under $/500.

The Telecaster owns country music. No Nashville session ace would dare enter a studio in Music City without a Tele. Often these players would customise their guitars to extract the maximum amount of tonal variation. That's what the Fender Deluxe Nashville Telecaster is all about.

The Telecaster and Bigsby vibrato have been mates since the early 50s. The iconic whammy bar was designed by inventor and motorcycle engineer Paul A Bigsby. He also built guitars that happened to feature headstocks with the tuners all on one side. Just like Fender but Bigsby got there first. We'll leave that there...

The Performer Telecaster Hum is the lowest price American-built model in the current Fender catalogue. What's "hum" Well, this guitar features a humbucker in the neck position, just the way Keith Richards likes it. We should point out that the American Performer Telecaster is also available in a traditional, two single coil layout at the same price.

Players like a neck humbucker on a Tele for a number of reasons. Blues noodles like the warmth and sustain it can produce. Jazzers enjoy the depth it adds to their comping stuff. Rockers like the grunt it produces - and we like the versatility. This guitar also features the Fender Greasebucket tone circuit which allows you to roll off the treble without adding bass. That means you retain Tele clarity when you want to soften the Tele's trademark top end.

The '70s Telecaster Custom is one of the sexiest electric guitars ever made. Slung low around a cadaverous Keith Richards' shoulders it became a sought after classic despite being made during Fender's worst decade for quality control. Some examples weighed over ten pounds and had unnecessarily thick finishes.

The American Original improves on the '70s made model with a gloss nitrocellulose finish for the neck and body. One thing the original guitars did well was tone and this reboot captures that with a great sounding bridge single coil and an accurate remake of the iconic Fender Wide-Range humbucker, the latter perfected by pickup guru Tim Shaw. Yes, a lot of love went into creating this reissue. It's just a shame there isn't a black with


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