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Dishonored Save Editor Fixed

Dishonored Save Editor ->->->->

The 4 uses buttons work with every setting; any setting except the save and edit game buttons will be overridden with the current game settings. The save game and edit game buttons will have a special meaning. The save game button will save any changes you make to the game, but will not save any settings. The edit game button will reset the settings back to default, then you can make any changes you want (within reason). The game's other settings will be retained when you save and load the game.

The menu's default settings will be overwritten, but this can be fixed by changing them when you first save the game. Each of the 8 buttons (Start, Options, Save, Load, Load Selected, Quit, Save Game, and Edit Game) has a different setting for how they work. You can create a new setting by double-clicking on the desired setting, and then change the other settings to the way you want them. It's a bit tricky. The game actually has a tutorial mode which takes you through the process.

The clickable buttons will change their color (from black to red) when they're using the special meaning for that button. This way you can tell without looking at the text. For instance, the Start button will be red if it's using the special meaning for saving the settings.

The save game button and edit game button have a special color depending on whether they're already in use. If either of these buttons is currently active, then they will have a red border. If you activate either button, the button will flash red, and then you can tell that it's in use by looking at the button's text, which will change to red.

For completion, the game is not fully moddable. You can modify items, but the game cannot be re-packaged. You can modify save files, but when you do so, you will lose any progress you made with the original save files. Thus, you will have to start the game all over again from where you were before editing.

You cannot do this exploit on a PC version of Dishonored 2 with Steam. You can with an emulator (such as Humble Indie Bundle,, or Humble Switch), but in that case you cannot use all of Corvo's skills. You can also do this exploit on a console version of Dishonored 2 with the use of a third-party mod that enhances the game or a console version of Steam (Steam for Linux). In that case, only Corvo's Possession skills can be used. It is also possible to do this exploit on console versions of Dishonored 2 with a third-party mod that enhances the game. However, since you cannot use all of Corvo's skills, it will not be as useful.

After playing the game for a while, a new save will be created and there is a chance that if you have a few more saved, they will be deleted. In order to avoid this, you can directly create the save from scratch.

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