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Cloud Computing Using Oracle Application Expres...

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You are not constrained by additional costs that can impact the success and popularity of your apps. APEX on Oracle Cloud dramatically simplifies costs that are typically associated with other low-code platforms. There is no complex pricing associated with the number of users, developers, or applications within your service. There are also no limits on the number applications that can be developed, the number of developers using the service, or the number of end users using your applications. Explore pricing for Oracle APEX Application Development Service Explore pricing for Oracle Autonomous Database

You have the option of deploying your applications in 39 cloud regions across 21 countries, with more coming. Government customers can run in dedicated data centers that meet strict security and regulatory compliance requirements. OCI with Autonomous Database and APEX comply with diverse regulations and standards including PCI, ISO, HIPAA, and FedRAMP. Learn more about Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for Government Find an OCI cloud region near you

With APEX on Oracle Cloud, you have access to more than 100 cloud infrastructure and platform services that can expand the possibilities of your low-code applications. For example, you can deploy a Load Balancer to provide a custom domain name (vanity URL) for your apps, access data in Object Storage, communicate with your customers with Email Delivery, protect your apps with Identity Services, or integrate with our artificial intelligence and machine learning services for image recognition, data science, digital assistants, and more. Explore Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services Learn how to configure a custom domain name for your APEX apps

Develop cloud-based applications rapidly using the Oracle Application Express (APEX) platform. You will learn to develop a comprehensive functional business application which can be deployed in your organization.

In general you only need to define a few instance administrators to work with database administrators and system architects to correctly configure and manage the Oracle Application Express environment. For each workspace there must be at least one workspace administrator, and any number of developers. Workspace administrators are responsible for maintaining the developer credentials. Defining end users within the Application Builder is only required if applications are using the Application Express User authentication scheme. If the applications are public, requiring no authentication, or other authentication schemes such as SSO, LDAP, custom, etc. are utilized by the applications then you will not need to define end users.

APEX applications inherently use PL/SQL constructs as the base server-side language. As well as accessing data via PL/SQL blocks, an APEX application will use PL/SQL to implement authorization, and to conditionally display web page elements. This means that generally APEX applications suffer from SQL injection when these PL/SQL blocks do not correctly validate and handle malicious user input. Oracle implemented a special variable type for APEX called Substitution Variables (with a syntax of &NAME.) and these are not safe and lead to SQL Injection. Where the injection occurs within a PL/SQL block an attacker can inject an arbitrary number of queries or statements to execute. Escaping special characters and using bind variables is the right way to code to ensure no XSS and SQL injection.

Developers may improve and extend their APEX applications by using third-party libraries that APEX comes standard with. Among them are jQuery Mobile (HTML5 based user interface),[22] jQuery UI (user interface for the web),[23] AnyChart (JavaScript/HTML5 charts),[24] CKEditor (web text editor),[25] and others. Experts[26] say it is an advantage of applying the latest APEX patches that the external libraries that come with APEX carry an update, too. However, many of the libraries come out with newer versions more frequently than there are A


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