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For example, if you're using Contacts to store contact information, Skycoin is an excellent way to store non-financial data on your cloud. Skycoin is a secure, distributed, and self-governed public blockchain that aims to be the most robust cryptocurrency in the world, which enables us to create a decentralized web.

Augur is a decentralised oracle network that is protocol agnostic. Its protocol is based on the Ethereum Virtual Machine, and so can include smart contracts written in any programming language. Augur's network of oracles allows for decentralised predictions to be predicted and combined with other Augur reports. This is used in prediction markets, financial and commodity markets, and research markets.

Similar to Workflowy, Raptur has integrations with many different platforms. RapTur is a simple and lightweight tool for tracking and planning out which tasks a person needs to accomplish in a day. The RapTur application gets started in the background, while you work on a task > which block > is completed, or proceed to the next task in the list.

Payment is a decentralized digital bank that is aiming to make senders and receivers of payments completely anonymous, thus allowing for untraceable funds to be sent between individuals and organizations. d2c66b5586


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