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What else do you need to know There's a truck chase at the end that could've been an outtake from the 2007 "Speed Racer," and a long action scene where a character rappels from one end of a city to another, or so it seems (because the sequence goes on for what feels like half a day, the rappeller defying both gravity and city planning a la Spider-Man). Helen Mirren has a cameo as Magdalene Shaw, mother of Deckard, Owen, and Hattie Shaw, a sixtysomething but still super-smooth and powerfully sexy jewel thief. She drives like a bat out of hell through London at night while delivering exposition to Dom, smirking the whole time, like she knows she could lay Dom if they weren't in a moving car. Dom patiently asks her clarifying questions as if they're sitting in a coffee shop in broad daylight. Characters you thought were dead turn out not to be (again, a standard trope in both wrestling and soap operas) and characters who are presented as evil turn out to be good, or at least not beyond redemption (ditto; the franchise also goes the other way when it feels like it). Like the Bond films and "Mission: Impossible," these are basically superhero movies where nobody wears a cape, although the red leather pants that Cipher wears when she's imprisoned in a glass box have a Catwoman-goes-to-Studio 54 exuberance. (You can tell director Justin Lin loved the leather pants because he keeps Theron in them all the way through the film. Theron delivers many of her lines while looking over her shoulder, the better for the audience to admire how much time she spends at the gym.) 1e1e36bf2d


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