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Age Of Empires Gold Edition No Cd Crack Download Free

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I need help urgently, if anyone can assist please. I have an old AOM gold edition which I have been playing for years. I was forced to get a new laptop with windows 10, and now my older games do not want to run. It installs perfectly, but does not want to run after installation. I have done all compatibility suggestions, running as aministrator etc. Then I found a no cd patch for AOE 2 and it worked perfectly. ( as I understand there is some or other security issue in windows 10). Does anyone know where I can find the same patch for AOM Gold edition I do not want to buy the games again on steam, as I feel I already invested substantially over the years in these. Any assistance will be much appreciated.

2- I love rise of the room music collection and i am happy with it but i also would love to have the gold edition music collection can you help me with it if i need to download mp3 collection could you upload it for me here (i would love all the music of gold edition game). 1e1e36bf2d


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