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Titan Quest Dragon Hunter Build

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Titan Quest Dragon Hunter Build

to be the ultimate dragon hunter you must own the most powerful and well-equipped dragon. this can be accomplished by gaining the highest dragon levels or by owning the most powerful dragons. each has their own strengths and weaknesses and we will be examining each of them in the coming chapters.

the highest level dragon found on the island is the iron dragon. it is found in the highest of locations and requires a huge amount of construction. however, if you plan your next move carefully, it's easy to make it there and back. once you have the iron dragon you will be able to add it to your treasure room. the iron dragon has a base attack of 100 and can be found in the highest of locations on the island. a dragon of this power will provide you with a massive amount of resources in addition to the items you will be able to purchase using your treasure room.

the cheapest way to get into mithril dragon building is to buy a dragon chest. if you do not want to do this, you can easily do this by using the mithril dragons in the dragon chest. the final drop is the mithril dragon helm. this helm is only dropable by mithril dragons. it is one of the very rare drop that doesn't involve two specific dragons. if you are lucky enough, you may also find a mithril dragon full helm.

this is not a build for killing dragons but rather for reducing them to skittles. the build revolves around cold damage. this damage increases with each elemental dragon. there are two ways to improve your cold dmg, either by increasing your total cold damage or by increasing your elemental cold damage. i suggest you do both by increasing your elemental cold damage. this is done by using the helmsword. the maxed out helmsword will have +4 to cold, and 100% weapon damage. however, to make the helmsword totally worthwhile, you want to use a buffing effect to increase your elemental cold dmg. this is done with a buffing rune. the best rune for this is the magic charge rune. this has a +4 to cold and a +8 to elemental dmg. this will boost your elemental cold to the max allowed with the helmsword, and more. make sure to have a time stop on your hotbar to prevent burning yourself. you want to equip this as soon as possible. you want to level up the magic charge rune to the maximum level possible, and keep leveling it to +4 everytime you get a new stack of it. this allows you to use it before you have to wait, while you are in the middle of battle. once you reach +4 to cold, you may want to use other rune effects to get even more cold. one such rune is the clench rune. this will give you a +2 to cold dmg when you get a single stack of it. lastly, you can get some more elemental dmg by using the caltrops rune. this is a +3 to cold dmg when you get a single stack of it. make sure to equip the clench rune before the caltrops rune. if you can max out the magic charge rune, you will get +5 cold. this will be your best rune overall, which is the reason you want to max it out. 3d9ccd7d82


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