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January Monday Night
Bible Study


From Where I Stand: 30 Days in the Life of Paul will make you feel like a companion of one of the greatest evangelists in history, the apostle Paul, on his painstaking journey to bring the gospel to the Gentiles. You will be transported through time to experience what he encountered and take hold of the passion, anguish, and urgency that drove his groundbreaking ministry to the nations. Throughout this 30-day devotional, you'll be encouraged to examine your own spiritual journey as you look at the world through Paul’s eyes on his mission to establish the church and reach a variety of people groups for the sake of Christ.

From Where I Stand - 30 Days in the Life of Paul - Devotional Guide

Tuesday Night Devotions

Wild Hope

What if you had hope that could overcome every disappointment? In the One Step Closer Devotional Guide: Wild Hope by Candace Cameron Bure, you’ll discover God’s true love for you, which is a never-ending source of wild, relentless hope that emerges triumphant through everything from daily irritations to life’s greatest challenges. During this 30-day journey, you’ll learn how to continually refresh your heart with hope, which yields abundant joy and peace. Interactive journaling prompts help you reflect on the bounty of God’s promises and purpose for you. The third in the bestselling One Step Closer devotional guide series. 

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