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New Fall Bible Study  

During this 30-day journey,  you'll learn how to continually refresh your heart with hope, which yields abundant joy and peace.


It's so empowering, so freeing...


There is so much peace and joy found when we learn to believe what God says about us and have a heart posture that celebrates it! What if we went from simply hearing encouraging words to actually believing them and living them out? We would cheer one another on a lot more and stay tangled in comparison a lot less. Join Emma Mae as she walks with you through each page with the hope that you will see and call out the lies, replace them with the truth, and put action towards what you were made for.

This inspirational guide offers devotional thoughts, encouragement from Scripture, journaling prompts and prayers, and fun activities to help you apply what you are learning and rejoice in who God is and who He made you to be.

We will be meeting live in our Zoom classroom on Tuesdays @ 6:30 pm Oct 18 & 25 and Nov 1 & 8.

Cost $18  (MSRP $20)

You Are...

What if you had hope that could overcome every disappointment? In the One Step Closer Devotional Guide: Wild Hope by Candace Cameron Bure, you’ll discover God’s true love for you, which is a never-ending source of wild, relentless hope that emerges triumphant through everything from daily irritations to life’s greatest challenges. During this 30-day journey, you’ll learn how to continually refresh your heart with hope, which yields abundant joy and peace. Interactive journaling prompts help you reflect on the bounty of God’s promises and purpose for you. The third in the bestselling One Step Closer devotional guide series. 

Cost $18 (MSRP $20)

Wild Hope

Celebration - not comparison.  It's so empowering, so freeing when we learn what God says about pace and joy & how to have a heart that celebrates it.  Join us in this 30-day journey!


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